sábado, noviembre 29, 2008

ÚLTIMOS DÍAS...Estamos en la 29° Feria del Libro Ricardo Palma

Del 29 de noviembre al 16 de diciembre
Parque Kennedy de Miraflores
stand 14

Ingreso libre
*Descuentos especiales, HASTA 40%
*Se acepta tarjeta VISA

El Fondo Editorial pone en exhibición y venta la producción bibliográfica de nuestra Universidad: Clásicos sanmarquinos, Ensayos polémicos, Avances de Investigación, joyas literarias y novedades editoriales de las cinco áreas (humanidades, ciencias sociales, ciencias básicas, ingenierías y medicina). Los esperamos!!!

Aquí la programación completa: Feria del Libro Ricardo Palma 2008 - Sal de tu Casa

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cynthia dijo...

Vivo en Ate, y me encantaria que promocionen por aqui la cultura, porque solo se promociona cumbia y otras cosas para el consumo masivo,
vengan por aqui y derramen cultura en nuestra juventud de Ate que tanta falta nos hace...

Anónimo dijo...

New China daily: Who forces " Zhang Jike people " take part in the match
14 days of countrywide ping-pong tounament that ring down the curtain in Home Zhang harbor attracted many eyeball, the CCTV also undertakes direct seeding 5 sets, because the Zhang Jike, Wang Hao, Ma Long, well-known player such as Marlene attends,this basically is. Giving what the person expects is, enter male single, female odd final do not have main force of group of a nation unexpectedly.
Have reporter gouge therein cause: Although expensive for countrywide tounament, but to big shop sign, without pressure, also do not have index, more do not concern national group qualification, so " Zhang Jike people " value level very low; Conversely, to young general people will tell a meaning to differ, match opportunity this not much, on behalf of home Gao Shuiping's match is hit well only, just enter likely 8 strong, can enter national group covey directly thereby, because of this young general people go all out particularly fiercely.
Consider sth as it stands also not strange, be worth us thoughtful is, since star of big shop sign was not,get the better of cannot competitive desire and passion, be who is forcing " Zhang Jike people " risking the body gets hurt and " fame " does the risk of damage attend this kind of match chickening ribs?
Be national group coach forces famous generals to appear? They know the motion curve of the ping-pong most, know to force " Zhang Jike people " it is harmful and profitless to play domestic game, and the arrangement that they also have no right to interfere local team game; Does the trainer of each place set out from local interest? Also unlike, because this result is right group of each province city is not quite main, otherwise skill of meeting exert whole body comes to the trainer of local team the enthusiasm that arouses famous generals; Is that " Zhang Jike people " is him awareness very tall? Not be for certain, otherwise, they won't quit the race ahead of schedule with a variety of reason.
Be what creates afore-mentioned results after all? Probably the reason is not a kind, national group trainer is met with " match of first whole nation after the Olympic Games, if you do not attend,can let the outside produce misunderstanding " for ask they note an effect; Local team also is met with " the education that Olympic Games champion did not forget local team " for hope they take part in the match; Sponsor Fang Gengxi to hope big shop sign can help booking office and viewing rate. In a few invisible hands drive below, "Zhang Jike people " must attend, but carry really do not have interest, "Have on there is the way to deal with a situation below policy " , "Zhang Jike people " find out all sorts of reason to hit a your home ahead of [url=http://www.palmexpo.in/jordansforsale.aspx]jordans shoes for sale[/url] schedule only.
Olympic Games champion is in the awkward current situation on countrywide tounament, whether to also remind concerned branch, when setting the competition, whether more scientific and a bit more effective?
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